Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was very smart and very good at sports and just all around very good.  When she grew up, she decided to be a teacher, even though she could have done something else that would have earned her a lot more money.  Teaching children was her calling, and she followed that call.

The young teacher quickly became a superstar and sought out increased responsibility and showed skills in management and administration.  She married another gifted educator and the two of them chose to work in the town where she grew up even though they could have made more money elsewhere: community and family were very important to the teacher and her husband.

The teacher and her husband worked hard.  She worked so hard that she was given an opportunity to be the principal at a school.  And she went to the school and continued to work really hard and the teachers at the school and the students loved her.  The parents of the students were so pleased that their students had a principal who was so committed and who was so very perfect for the job.

At first, the teacher, who was now a principal, and her husband didn't live in the town where they taught and where she had grown up.  Eventually, they found a home in the town and moved there with their two wonderful children, a little girl and a little boy.  The principal's parents still lived in the town and so did one of her three sisters.

Everything was good.

Sadly, the principal needed to work with an Evil Superintendent.  The Evil Superintendent didn't live in the town or anywhere near the town where the school was located.  She never attended any community events.  And she didn't like the principal.  The principal knew this and did her best knowing it.

At the principal's school, there was a bad teacher.  The teacher was very, very bad and the badness was documented.  The principal had to fire the bad teacher and the bad teacher did not take it well.  In fact, the bad teacher said that she had been assaulted by a student and that the principal had done nothing to protect her.  So, the lawyers came, and a sum of money was given to the bad teacher to make her go away.  And the Evil Superintendent smiled because now she had a way to get rid of the principal whom she did not like.

Why didn't the Superintendent like the principal?  Maybe she felt threatened.  Maybe she doesn't like nice people who work hard.  Maybe she resents people who are happy.  Who knows?

Finally, it came to pass that the Evil Superintendent was to resign from her position.  And all believed that she would go quietly into the hereafter.  But that was not to be.  First, she decided to implement redistricting.  And then she decided to get rid of the Principal.  Because she could.

Is this vindictiveness something that she learned on the trip to China that the good people of the town paid for her to have?

Who could come to the aid of the Principal?  Was there a Prince?

Remember: the Principal is happily married.

If there is to be a hero in this story, it could be the School Committee.  The School Committee can give a vote of "no confidence" in the Evil Superintendent and give her an extra two months off before her retirement in July.  This would show bravery and resolve and would prevent the ES from any additional parting shots that she may want to lob at the good townspeople.

We, the townspeople, are counting on the School Committee to offer a no-confidence vote at the School Committee meeting on 6 May 2015.

Please, members of the School Committee, help us achieve a happy ending.